Things to consider…

I found some interesting COOL and Caution stuff on sql server, Will try to keep this updated….
Cool Stuff:
1.SSMS: now you can take output copy into excel with heading. SSMS Tips and Tricks
3. Directly Opening a Solution in SQL Server Management Studio
edit 10262009
4. another cool stuff on SSMS my engine team:


1.Query Hints can failed due to:
Maximum Row size.
reason:hash join is not order preserving and sort requires a work table (so work table size should not be 8060)
hash joins (and merge joins) require at least one equijoin predicate.  Thus, the query with the HASH JOIN hint fails.
3. Performance impact: Linked server security configuration and how it can hurt you
if have DBCC SHOW_STATISTICS access:”User must own the table, or be a member of the sysadmin fixed server role, the db_owner fixed database role, or the db_ddladmin fixed database role.” will run fast (check the stats and retrieve the data accordingly)
If you use linked server queries, you need to read this….
6. Try to avoid insert.. exec (for 2005 onwords):
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