What’s new in Sql server 2008

Finally… the Complete Enterprise product sql server 2008 is a great product, it has everything  includes features which other competitors (data base) and more. Here I made the change of my description as there is no major changes in sql server 2005 and 2008… Sql server 2008 has almost all the feature which Sql server 2005 has with added so many newly one. so here I am just listing things which is added in sql server 2008. I also mansion some of the this which is no longer exists in sql server 2008 ( e.g.. no support compatibility of sql server 7 and earlier)… Their is so much great information is already available online…
  Sql Server 2008 Remark/Description
  Great Enhancement in architecture  
Enterprise Data Platform Policy-Based Management for compliance…
  Data collector performance data collects disk usage,activity, query stats.
Manageability Enhancements Data Compression improve disk Io and memory utilization
  Backup Compression  
  Resource Governor control resources.
  Transparent Data Encryption complete database
Security Enhancements External Key Management Security.-using third party
  Data Auditing audit -login, data access and modifications …
  Hot – Add — CPU and Memory  
  Server group management Central Management Servers –e.g.. can run single query on multiple servers.
  Partition Aligned Indexed View for very large partitioned tables
  Extended Events like trace/troubleshooting … no UI
  Enhanced Mirroring… automatic page repair  
Dynamic Development    
Programmability Enhancements Grouping Sets similar to CUBE and Rollup and more
  MERGE Operator good for ‘UPSERT’ update -insert
  LINQ Language Integrated Query can query from languages e.g.. C#, .net
  Change Data Capture (CDC) Capture changes in your tables
  Table – Valued Parameters ( TVPs) now we can pass tables into SP
  Conflict Detection in Peer-to-Peer Replication ensures that data remains consistent
Beyond Relational    
New data types GEOGRAPHY Special data type
  GEOMETRY Special data type
  FILESTREAM data External storage for BLOB in NTFS file system
  New Collations 80 new collations are denoted by *_100 version references
  SPARSE COLUMNS efficient way to store NULL
  Hyper – V* Support Virtualization
  Star Join Query optimization for warehouses
  Filtered Indexes and Statistics subset of rows in the table
SQL Server Management Studio T-Sql Debugger  
  Database Engine Error List Window  
  support PowerShell Scripting language
Removed in 2008 Compatibility 60,65, and 70  
  Backup log with truncate only/no_log  
  LOAD & DUMP statement old as backup/restore stmt
  Surface Area Configuration (SAC) is now SQL CM (Configuration Manager)  
There are five new dynamic management views to present memory information:
  sys.dm_os_memory_brokers (Transact-SQL)  
  sys.dm_os_memory_nodes (Transact-SQL)  
  sys.dm_os_nodes (Transact-SQL)  
  sys.dm_os_process_memory (Transact-SQL)  
  sys.dm_os_sys_memory (Transact-SQL)

(UPDATE  ON 09082009)

*Virtualization : Added in support for Windows Server 2008 R2 with Hyper-V and Hyper-V Server 2008 R2

comparison between 2005 and 2008..



Arshad Ali… has written a series (5) of articles on sqlservercentral for what’s new in sql server 2008… 

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