Tools for Sql server

Following are the very important tools which Microsoft uses and recommend for troubleshooting and performance improvement…. this will really help you to improve your system…
SQL Server troubleshooting tools PSSDiag, SQLDiag, SQLNexus, RML Utilities and ReadTrace: which one to choose?
1. SQLIOSim:  –by Bob Dorr 
2. SQL Nexus — by Ken Henderson and Brad.
3. SQLdiag
4. PSSDiag
5. RML (READTRACE80/IOSTRESS) Utilities for SQL Server 2005
8.SQLIO Disk Subsystem Benchmark Tool
9. How to monitor blocking in SQL Server 2005 and in SQL Server 2000
10. IOMeter.
11. Sysinternals… it was  now Microsoft owns it… it has some great tools… everything is FREE….cool.
12. some good tools written by great Jim Gray with  Peter Kukol
>> Hey found a great blog on this by Megan Keller on sqlmag.:
The Mega Guide to Free SQL Server Tools
Another one (Wolf’s Blog)… so many tools…. ooooo god.
(added -09302009) blog by sqlguychuck -Free SQL Server Tools
(added 11062009)
 (added 12152009) good tool for performance monitoring:
We should keep this handy…. 🙂
[added 08/06/2012]
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