What’s new in Microsoft Sql Server 7 -Server

This is the second part of what’s new in Microsoft sql server 7,
b. Server:
  Sql Server 6x Sql Server 7  
Server     Remark
Backup/restore   online bkp improved.  
    supports differential bkp and recovery  
    no setup for restore another server  
    restore will create database automatically  
  NA attach and detach is possible  
  only sql authentication windows authentication included  
Store procedure separate compile plan for each user -procedure cache shared for all user  
  parameter marker( parameter) parameter name  
    procedure cache stores ad hoc parameterized queries  
    differed name resolution – if no table exists we can create SP  
compliance   SQL 92  
Replication   build in with sql (enterprise manager)  
    scriptable/immediate update with multiple sites.  
    Microsoft Management console Enterprise manager
  SQL Executive Sql Agent Improved
  isql/w Query analyzer uses ODBC
    osql uses ODBC
    isql DB – Library
  Service manager on taskbar default  
  Sql Trace Profiler  
    Index Tuning Wizard  
Parallel query execution NA default support multiple processors
    Good for VLDB – High end.  



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