Whats new in Microsoft Sql Server 7 – Development

This is third and final part of Whats new in microsoft Sql Server 7:
c. Development:

Sql Server 6x Sql Server 7  
Development     Remark
    English Query  
    OLE DB  
Unicode data type NA new…  nchar, nvarchar and ntext 2 bytes
    TOP n [percent]  
    improve cursor  
    multiple triggers and recursive triggers  
identifier 30 character 128 character  
  [] [] and "" delimiting identifiers
can   change the data type of existing column  
  nullable column can be added into table non nullable column can be added into table  
char and binary data limit 255 bytes 8000 bytes  
    uniqueidentifier (GUID ) data type  
ANSI NULL default is OFF ON  
quoted identified OFF ON  
New T-SQL   alter procedure  
    alter trigger  
    alter view  
    alter table  
    bulk insert  
    commit work and rollback work  
    restore filelistonly/headeronly/labelonly/verifyonly  
Cursor   local and cursor variable & parameter  

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