What’s new in Microsoft Sql server 7 -Architecture

This is the MAJOR changes/improvement in the storage engine of sql server ……….
Due to too much text I divided this topic in 3 blogs:
a. Architecture:
b. Server
c. Development
a. Architecture :

  Sql Server 6x Sql Server 7  
Architecture     Remark
  Sybase Redesign improved and great in performance
  can work on more low hardware high end hw require  
Memory management manual/configure on demand /auto /improved  
settings manual connections/locks/open objects  
  backup and restore single table was possible not available  
  can put tampdb in ram not available  
    supports windows 9x  
  disk mirror is possible need to use RAID  
  sql devices windows file: now database is on windows files (ldf/mdf/ndf)  
  segment file group easy to manage/ scalability
  manual growth of devices auto grow option for file easy to manage
lock manager   row level locking – improved improve performance
Disk files only Loop (nested join) Hash join and merge join included improved data access/processing
query optimizer   redesign  & Improve query optimizer great for query processing for large data
page 2k 8k max row size – 8060  
page 2k 8k page, 64k extent and mixed extent supports  
table row support 250 columns 1024 columns  
index non cluster uses physical record identifier (page number/row number) non cluster index used cluster index key  
  no more then one index in a query multiple indexes in a query improve in time and resource
text and image storage was system table syslogs separate file tlog .ldf good joins and complex query
tlog   Redesign  
statistics manual generation automatic generation/update continues and larger IOs
  max table 16 supports 256 tables great
Internet support   TCP/IP  


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