History of Microsoft Sql Server

I was thinking about to make this series from a long time and finally started today…
In this series of blog I will try to write following:
1. History of Microsoft Sql Server.
2. What’s new in Sql server 7
3. What’s new in Sql server 2000
4. What’s new in Sql server 2005
5. What’s new in sql server 2008
So here is the Part 1 :History of Microsoft Sql server

History of Microsoft Sql Server

1984 Sybase  
1989 Sql server 1.0 on OS/2 (Sybase 3.0)  
1992 Sql server 4.2  
1993 Sql server 4.2.1 Win NT
1995 Sql server 6.0 Sql 95
1996 Sql server 6.5 Hydra
1999 Sql Server 7 Sphinx
1999 Sql Server 7 (OLAP) Plato
2000 Sql server 2000 (32 bit) Shiloh
2003 Sql Server 2000 (64 bit) Liberty
2005 Sql Server 2005 Yukon
2008 Sql Server 2008 Katmai

update: 09/08/2009:
Found another interesting list on version(editions) of sql server…

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