Experts Links – Very IMP

Sql server Experts:

Aaron Alton The HOBT
Aaron Bertrand Aaron Bertrand
Aaron Lowe SELECT Thoughts FROM dbo.Brain
Adam Machanic data manipulation for fun and profit
Adam Rink My SQL Server Blog
Adrian Downes Establish. Execute. Evolve.
Alan Koo Microsoft Business Intelligence y más
Alberto Ferrari Alberto Ferrari
Alexander Kuznetsov Alexander Kuznetsov
Allan Hirt Allan Hirt’s SQL Server Blog
Allen White Allen White
Andrew Karcher Andrew Karcher’s Bits o’ Data
Andrew Kelly Andrew Kelly
Andy Leonard Andy Leonard
Andy Warren It Depends
Arnie Rowland Arnie Rowland: Ramblings of a Harried Technogeek
Artemakis Artemiou The SQL Server and .Net Blog
Barry Ralston SQL BI
Bart Duncan Bart Duncan’s Weblog
Ben Miller Ben Miller
Benjamin Jones SQL Server Thought Showers from a SQL Server Consultant
Bill Graziano The Lazy DBA
Bill Ramos Bill Ramos on SQL Server
Bob Beauchemin Bob Beauchemin’s Blog
Bob Myers Bob Myer’s Reporting Services Blog
Brad M McGehee Brad M McGehee
Brad M McGehee Aloha DBA
Brent Ozar Brent Ozar – SQL Server DBA
Brian Kelley Databases, Infrastructure, and Security
Brian Knight Brian Knight
Brian Welcker Direct Reports
Buck Woody Carpe Datum
Byron Hu Byron Hu
Chad Boyd Chad Boyd
Chad Miller’s Blog Chad Miller’s Blog
Charley Hanania Charley Hanania
Cheap DBA The Cheap DBA
Chris Miller syscomments
Chris Shaw Chris Shaw’s Weblog
Chris Webb Chris Webb’s BI Blog
Christian Bolton Christian Bolton’s SQL Server Blog
Christian Robert SQL Server vu par Christian Robert
Colin Stasiuk Benchmark IT Consulting
Conor Cunningham Conor vs SQL
Craig Freedman Craig Freedman’s SQL Server Blog
Cristian Lefter Cristian’s Blog
CSS SQL Server Engineers CSS SQL Server Engineers
Dan English Dan English’s BI Blog
Dan Guzman Dan Guzman’s Blog
Dave Fackler Microsoft BI Musings
David Portas David Portas’ Blog
Davide Mauri SQL Server Perceptions
Dejan Sarka Dejan Sarka
Denis Gobo Denis Gobo
Denise McInerney select * from denisemc.views
Denny Cherry SQL Server with Mr. Denny
Devin Knight Devin Knight
Dinakar Nethi Syscomments
Dinesh Priyankara Dinesh’s Blog ::::::: Being Compiled :::::::
Don Kiely Don Kiely’s Technical Blatherings
Douglas Laudenschlager
Dukagjin Maloku Dugi’SQL
Eric Johnson Eric Johnson
Erin Welker Erin Welker
Euan Garden Euan Garden’s Blog
Fernando Guerrero Fernando G Guerrero’s Blog
Gail Shaw SQL in the Wild
Geoff Hiten With CLUE as (Select * from Random_Thought ORDER BY Common_Sense DESC)
Gianluca Hotz Gianluca Hotz Blog
Glenn Berry Glenn Berry’s SQL Server Performance
Grant Fritchey Home of the Scary DBA
Greg Larsen SQL Server Examples
Greg Low The Bit Bucket
Grumpy Old DBA Grumpy Old DBA
Haidong Ji The Ji Village News
Hemantgiri S. Goswami SQL Citation
Hugo Kornelis SELECT Hints, Tips, Tricks FROM Hugo Kornelis WHERE RDBMS = ‘SQL Server’
Isaac Kunen Isaac @ MSDN
Jack Corbett Wise man or Wise guy? You decide
Jacob Sebastian SQL Server and XML
James Hippolite Computer James
James Luetkehoelter James Luetkehoelter
Jamie MacLennan Jamie’s Junk
Jamie Thomson SSIS Junkie!
Jason Follas A View Inside My Head
Jason Massie Statistics IO
Jason Strate Strate SQL
Jasper Smith blog
Jeff Garbus SQL Server Performance
Jeff Smith Jeff’s SQL Server Blog
Jeremiah Peschka Jeremiah Peschka’s ruminations on sql, ruby, csharp and other things
Jessica Moss Jessica M Moss
Joe Chang Joe Chang
Joe Sack Joe Sack’s SQL Server Weblog
Joe Webb Musing and observations about SQL Server, other technologies, and sometimes just life in general
John Gallardo John Gallardo’s Weblog
John Magnabosco SQL Server Development and Data Security
John Paul Cook John Paul Cook
John Welch BI Thoughts and Theories
Jonathan Kehayias The Rambling DBA: Jonathan Kehayias
Kalen Delaney Kalen Delaney
Ken Simmons Cyber SQL
Kendal Van Dyke Kendal Van Dyke – My life as a SQL Server DBA
Kent Tegels Enjoy Another Sandwich — Kent Tegels
Kevin You Want Fries With That?
Kevin Kline Kevin Kline
Key DBA Key DBA’s Weblog
Kimberly L Tripp Kimberly L Tripp – Improving My SQL Skills Through Your Questions
Kirk Haselden Kirk Haselden’s Kirkapedia
Kurt Survance SQL Server Stuff
Lara Rubbelke

Lara Rubbelke

Lars Rasmussen Lars Rasmussen (Lars-UT)
Lee Everest Lee Everest’s SQL Server, etc Weblog
Linchi Shea Linchi Shea
Louis Davidson Louis Davidson
Luca Bianchi Luca Bianchi
Lukasz Pawlowski Musings on Reporting Services and Notification Services
Lynn Pettis SQL Musings from the Desert
Marco Russo SQLBI – Marco Russo
Mark Caldwell Ajarn’s SQL Corner
Mark Ginnebaugh Ginneblog
Marlon Ribunal Dangling On The Shoulders Of Giants
Matija Lah snaps & snippets
Matthew Roche Bi Polar
Michael Coles Michael Coles
Michael Rys Michael Rys: Musings on XML, XQuery and more…
Michael Zilberstein Michael Zilberstein
Michel Caradec Michel Caradec’s BI Blog
Michelle Ufford SQL Fool – Adventures in SQL Tuning
Mike Ormond Mike Ormond’s Blog
Mike Walsh StraightPath Solutions
Mitsugi Ogawa Mitsugi Ogawa
Mohammed Hafeezuddin Mohammed Hafeezuddin
Mohit Gupta SQL Learnings
Mosha Pasumansky Microsoft OLAP by Mosha Pasumansky
Nick Barclay Nick Barclay: BI-Lingual
Niels Berglund Niels Berglund
Olivier Meyer Discussions on SQL Server Manageability and Development
Paul Nielsen Paul Nielsen
Paul Randal In Recovery
Peter DeBetta Peter DeBetta’s SQL Programming Blog
Phil Factor Phil Factor’s Phrenetic Phoughts: The SQL
Pinalkumar Dave Journey to SQL Authority with Pinal Dave
Plamen Ratchev Plamen Ratchev’s WebLog
R Barry Young Moving SQL
Rafael Salas SSIS Thoughts and Examples
Rafik Robeal The Synchronizer
Remus Rusanu Remus Rusanu
Richard Hundhausen Richard Hundhausen: The DBAgilist
Rick Heiges Rick Heiges
Rob Carrol Rob Carrol’s SQL Server Blog
Rob Farley Rob Farley
Rob Farley Rob Farley
Rob Garrison Persistence of Vision
Robert Cain Arcane Code
Roger Doherty Roger Doherty
Roger Wolter Have Data Will Travel
Roman Rehak Roman Rehak
Roy Ernest A DBA’s Rumblings
Rushabh Mehta Rushabh Mehta
Sankar Reddy Umasankar’s SQL Space
Sarah Henwood Sarah Henwood
Satya Shyam K Jayanty
Shyam Viking Viking’s Weblog
Sid Atkinson Jr Sid Atkinson Jr
Siddharth Mehta Siddharth Mehta’s Blog
Simon Sabin SimonS Blog on SQL Server Stuff
SQLSaturday SQLSaturday
SQL Cat Microsoft SQL Server Development Customer Advisory Team
SQL CLR Integration Team SQL CLR Integration Team
SQL Programmability & API Development Team Blog SQL Programmability and API Development Team Blog
SQL Server Compact Team Blog SQL Server Compact Team Blog
SQL Server Documentation Team SQL Server User Education
SQL Server Engine Tips SQL Server Engine Tips
SQL Server Express Web Log SQL Server Express Web Log
SQL Server Manageability Team Blog SQL Server Manageability Team Blog
SQL Server News SQL Server News
SQL Server Premier Field Engineering Blog SQL Server Premier Field Engineering Blog
SQL Server Protocol Team SQL Protocols
SQL Server Service Broker Team Blog SQL Server Service Broker Team Blog
SSIS Team Blog SSIS Team Blog
Stephen Arbour Zyggys Lounge
Steve Jones SQL Musings
Steve Kass Steve Kass
Steve Lasker Steve Lasker’s Weblog
Stuart Ainsworth Codegumbo
Suprotim Agarwal Suprotim Agarwal
Takahiro Matsumoto Matsumoto Takahiro Blog, SQL Server Tips & Tricks
Tara Kizer Ramblings of a DBA
Teo Lachev Prologika
Thomas LaRock SQLRockstar
Tibor Karaszi Tibor Karaszi
Tim Mitchell Bucket of Bits
Timothy Ford SQLAgentMan
Tjay Belt Tjay Belt
Tony Rogerson Tony Rogerson’s ramblings on SQL Server
Venkatesan Venkatesan’s Blog
VS Data Team Microsoft VS Data Team Weblog
Ward Pond Ward Pond’s Blog
Wes Brown SQL Man of Mystery
Wes Dumey Databases, Structures, and the Damn Data Itself
Whitney Weaver The W Blog
Yoshishiro Kawabata Yoshishiro Kawabata
Zach Owens Zach Owens
found a great blog by Kevin for almost all blogs on Sql Server :

Great Blogs From Microsoft SQL Server Teams

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