Performance tuning Part 1

Hi Friends,
Some of the Performance tuning tips (good for Developers also).
  1. Substring function: SARG cannot be produced and an index cannot be used (ignores cluster index scan)
  2. Queries: what is good today may not be good tomorrow.
  3. Operate a small result sets, limit that number of column on select list
  4. Use highly selective where clause.
  5. Using index effectively as we did some query on the feature already.
  6. Important is to avoid non index able search condition
  7. Index able where clause: >, <, >=, between, %
  8. Non index able where clause: !=, !>,!<, not exist, not in , not like, or, like, %%
  9. Avoid arithmetic operator
  10. Substring vs. like (like would be good)
  11. Avoid optimizer hints
  12. Avoid implicit conversation.
  13. Union vs. union all (union all would be good)
  14. Sub query vs. joins (sub query would be good)
  15. Store procedure should have: set nocount on… set nocount off
  16. Don’t use function in where clause








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