Guideline for DBA…..

Hi Friends,
Today I would like to share you some of the Tips and Recommendations every DBA should follow I read it in some book and I always keep it in front of my eye…:-
Document Everything:
           Hardware Configuration
           Software Configuration
           Sql Configuration
           Configuration change
           Baseline of System.
           Trouble shooting documents(Issue)
General Tips and performance Tips :
          Should definitely “NOT” implement or change your current system procedure without correct testing and commitment.
          Change one thing at a time
          Don’t panic
          Don’t be afraid of get help
          It is always better to be proactive then reactive.
Performance Tuning tips:
         Capture more info at the beginning then narrow down your approach
         It is an iterative process
         Don’t jump to quick conclusion
         Slow compare to what
Please let me know if you have anything to add-on into my list which would also help me and others.
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